stage 1
Supporting Documents

The following documents must be uploaded with the application.  Please note that all documents must be in PDF format and of the lowest possible resolution.


1. CV: must be written in English.

2. University Acceptance Letter (conditional/unconditional) and/or latest Registration Document (required if available):  DO NOT upload any other document except the requested one. You must submit your application even without the acceptance letter/registration document by the 31st of March.  You will be able to access it until the 31st of May in order to upload the requested document (the rest of the application will be locked) and to resubmit.  Failure to upload the acceptance letter within the designated deadline will lead to the automatic rejection of the application. 

For applicants studying in Greek Universities only:  You must submit your application by the 31st of March but you will be able to upload your acceptance letter by the 31st of August. Failure to upload the acceptance letter within the designated deadline will lead to the automatic rejeciton of the application. DO NOT upload any other document in the relevant filed except the requested one.   

3. Secondary School Diploma or A' Levels Certificate or equivalent: This is provisional but it assists the Selection Committee to establish a general assessment of the applicant’s academic history, and therefore it is advisable to upload it.

4. First Degree & Transcripts (Transcripts = official document issued by the University with final detailed marks) or official confirmation of completion of degree & transcripts.

5. Postgraduate degree (if applicable).

6. Proof of ID.

7. Reference Letter (please check References section).


1. Reference Letter: A NEW reference letter written preferably by your supervisors/current professors referring to the progress you have achieved during the year you were a Leventis Scholar and why they think your grant should be renewed.

2. Progress Report:  A descriptive text of approximately 500 words written by the Scholar, about their academic achievements during the past academic year. It would be advisable to upload the latest transcripts as well. 

3. Registration Document/Confirmation of Studies: A document issued by the University Administration, which confirms that you are currently enrolled as their student.

Note regarding the language of the supporting documents:

CVs must be written in English.

References must be written in English unless you are applying to study at a Greek university. 

All other documents will be accepted in either English, Greek or French.

Any other language must be translated to English (unofficial translation).