stage 1
How to Apply

The system will open on the 1st of March.  Candidates who wish to apply for an educational grant should fill in the electronic form and submit it with the required supporting documents by the 31st of March. 

Submission deadline for applications concerning renewal of grants is the 30th of April.

The application must be completed in English. 

1.       Registration

-          Click on ‘Apply Now’

-          Fill in your email address and chosen password

-          Select the level of studies (which you are applying for)

-          Choose the right type of application (see Types of Application)

Note: If you have started and/or submitted an application before please fill in your email address and password and click Log In. A password reminder email is available.

2.       Application

The following sections will need to be completed in English when filling in the application

-      Personal Details

-      Course Details: details for the course you have chosen to apply a scholarship for

-      Academic History

-      Personal Statement: please explain in approximately 500 words i) why you have selected your chosen programme and how it is relevant to your future goals; ii) why you are applying for a grant and iii)any additional information that you think supports your application.

-      Summary of PhD proposal (for PhD students only): approximately 500 words long

-      References – please see the References section for more details

-      Supporting Documents  - please see the Supporting Documents section for more details



3.    Review and Submission


Please make sure that you click submit once you review your application. Un-submitted applications will not be examined. You will be able to access your application only to submit your University acceptance letter until the 31st of May. However, please make sure you submit your application by the 31st of March – otherwise you will not be able to access it.